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“To succeed consistently, good managers need to be skilled not just in choosing, training, and motivating the right people for the right job, but in choosing, building, and preparing the right organization for the job as well.” - Clayton M. Christensen, The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail

If you’re a credit provider, are these some of your challenges?


Are you hampered by physical cost structures?


Do you lack know-how of technical implementation and digital service integration?


Are you threatened by the digital disruption of lower-cost digital entrants?


Is all the risk in the quality of your data and scoring algorithm?


Are you hindered by your credit funnel and the number of people you can allow through each step?


Is it very expensive to develop, implement and optimise such algorithms?

Fast-track digitisation with Briisk.

Using instant, continuous, lean, deep, dynamic tech and services, Briisk digitises your business model and helps you to implement innovative digital strategies, rising to your clients’ digital expectations.

With Briisk, you …

  1. Assimilate easily into a modern tech platform, points of presence and services. Instant Tech.
  2. Access a click-and-transact, regulations-compliant credit solution.
  3. Reduce the friction of the buying process with easy, universal functionality.
  4. Boost transaction numbers with instant transactions. Shrink drop-off on initiated transactions. Amplify conversion rates with an instant credit solution.
  5. Assign credit, in real-time to a point of sale for individualised customers.
  6. Harness flexible, easy and rapidly scalable cloud-based IT systems and infrastructure. Go instant with efficient entity management.

Digitise credit. Instant Tech.
With Briisk, you…


Get access to an instant credit solution


Get instant access to digital distribution channels


Get streamlined, tailor-made customer management


Get seamless solutions for the AI age


Your customers will love

Digital Credit, instantly. Digital Tech, instantly.
Briisk Insur-Fintech. Instant Results.

Do all this, by using Briisk's Services…

Briisk Instant Transaction Platform Services

Briisk Low-Touch user inTerface creaTor

Briisk System Admin

Briisk Corporate Interface

Briisk White Label

Briisk e-Commerce API

Briisk Mobile App


Briisk Instant Insurance API

Click-and-transact, regulations-compliant, instant insurance API, with...

  • Briisk White Label
  • Briisk e-Commerce API
  • Briisk Mobile App

Briisk Instant Credit API

Click-and-transact instant credit API. Instant transactions.

Briisk Instant FX API

Click-and-transact instant FX API. Instant transactions.

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