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Digitise Credit. Instant Tech: Briisk Instant Credit API


Already selling goods online? Low credit availability could be why many of your online transactions are dropping off. With Briisk Instant Credit API, your customers gain access to an immediate, simple transaction process to apply for online credit. Totally automatic, credit approval takes place while the customer stays in your online presence. The customer receives cash for their preferred purchase and convenient split repayments, over a predefined time period. Create a seamless customer experience with our instant credit service.

Briisk Instant Credit API

Click-and-transact instant credit API. Instant transactions.

  • ID validation
  • Credit checks

  • Automatic, secure collection of customer banking data
  • Customer validation of income and expenses
  • NCR-backed affordability calculation

  • Bank account validation
  • Acceptance of debit order mandate
  • One Time Pin (OTP) for contract acceptance

  • Merchant confirmation of payment via e-Fin loan

  • Disclaimer

    To start the process, the customer’s ID is checked and credit checks are carried out at the credit bureau to ensure that the customer is in in good standing.

  • Congratulations

    Having successfully passed the credit checks, the customer is reassured that the step that they are about to take in logging into their Internet banking is safe and secure.

  • Connect your bank

    The customer enters their login details that they would usually use to log in to their Internet banking, which gives e-Fin access to their banking data. This is in order to carry out an affordability assessment, to determine whether the customer can afford the loan. Using global best practice technology to scrape/read bank transactions, this is a 100% secure connection and no bank log-in information is stored by e-Fin.

  • We are connecting to your bank account

    e-Fin collects 3 months of transactions, whilst the customer enters contact details.

  • Confirm your income

    The average recurring income over a 3-month period is then calculated and displayed.

  • Confirm your expenses

    The customer’s recurring debit orders over a 3-month period are added to any additional expenses that the customer declares (i.e. expenses not picked up from the bank statement). Expenses are populated from two sources, the credit bureau report and the bank statements.

  • Loan quotation

    An advanced algorithm performs an affordability calculation and presents a National Credit Act regulated customer quotation, including monthly instalment amount, term, interest rate and fees. The Customer can accept the loan agreement via One Time Pin. Note that a bank Account Verification Service (AVS) is also performed during this step.

  • You are on the way

    This is the final screen which indicates to the customer that they have successfully completed the process, and that they will receive an email containing their loan agreement. The full loan documentation is sent to the client and monthly instalments are automatically collected via debit order.

  • Merchant payment

    The merchant is sent an email confirmation that the purchased item(s) have been paid for by e-Fin, settled through an approved payment gateway directly to the merchant’s bank account. The merchant can therefore release the goods to the client and the transaction is thereby complete.