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Briisk Instant FX API is your FX brokerage in a box


Briisk Instant FX API is your FX brokerage in a box. With this API, and via access to the Briisk Instant Transaction Platform, you tap into a fully hosted, cloud-based tech solution as well as the bank’s system integrations to manage your brokerage business.

This is about automating your FX transaction – from execution and allocation, to confirmation and settlement.

With Briisk Instant FX API, you can execute FX deals, fully online, with live prices, provided by the bank/authorised dealer/liquidity provider. You can then add your pricing requirements to these real-time prices – electronically and fully automated.

All of the processes across the FX broker’s value chain will be digitised, using our efficient entity management method: transactions, commissions, confirmations, reporting, plus integration with introducers and affiliates.

You will also be able to integrate with central customer databases, such as government-identification systems, motor registries and credit-rating agencies. Our technology offers one data set for all parties in the value chain. You can be sure that all requirements for KYC, including data verification and validation, are met electronically.

Briisk Instant FX API is currently geared towards FX brokers in South Africa and caters to the South African regulatory environment. However, the API can, with some additional implementation consulting services, be replicated in any country in the world.

Do you want to trade FX in South Africa, but don’t have an FSP licence? Trade through Briisk’s partner, Domisa.

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Briisk Configurable Client Administrator

Onboarding – automated zero/low touch

Initial and ongoing verification/validation (KYC)

Tiered distribution structure

User/employee role definitions and management

Client/user-interfaces — web, mobile, API

Briisk Dynamic Deal Manager

Beneficiary management

Politically exposed person checks

Sanctions screening

Confirmation, allocation, settlement

Exposure/margin management

Briisk Dynamic Deal Executer

Deal capture, quotation and deal execution

Multi-level commission management

  • Liquidity providers
  • Affiliates
  • Clients

Web, mobile or API-based interfaces

Briisk Flexible Partner Integrator

Multiple liquidity providers

  • Data
  • Deal execution and management
  • Client data and reporting

Data sources

  • KYC
  • Financial-market data
  • Credit profiling
  • Payment services — bidirectional

Briisk Analytical Reporter

Comprehensive reporting

  • Regulatory
  • Revenue and billing
  • Commissions

Briisk Instant FX API

Click-and-transact instant FX API. Instant transactions.

  • Independent real-time pricing
  • Online execution as per Authorised Dealer availability
  • Commission attribution
  • BoP workflow
  • Beneficiary management
  • Automated communication channels
  • Integration with authorised dealers as available