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Digitise insurance, instantly, using our easily integratable REST API.


Briisk Instant Insurance API.

Access the complete insurance value chain with the step-by-step
Briisk Instant Insurance API.

Through Briisk's Instant Insurance API, we have developed a user-driven configuration of programmes, allowing you to create your digital insurance, from insurance type and product variation to cover limits and pricing. The insurance workflow transitions from quote-and-buy, to underwriting, and finishes in the acceptance or rejection of a policy applicant.

The customer acquires the policy in a simple click-and-transact, 4-step process, either by interacting with the Briisk Instant White Label, the Briisk e-commerce API and/or Briisk Mobile App. Responsive to the customer’s personal details, the 4-step process will display for purchase relevant insurance-products.

We take care of the entire insurance policy life cycle, from policy issue to closure, communicating with policy holders at all touchpoints, while giving you full oversight and control.

The customer creates their user profile (username and password), can amend personal details and policies, upload new documents, and lodge claims at any time. The customer can also cancel any policy at any time, with an easy one-click-option.

As part of our partnership with the Surestart Financial Services FSP, customers are supported by a call centre with experienced agents during office hours.

Briisk Instant Insurance API

Click-and-transact, regulations-compliant, instant insurance API, with...

  • Briisk White Label
  • Briisk e-Commerce API
  • Briisk Mobile App
  • Product Types
  • Product List/Product Details
  • Policy Quote
  • Policy Issue

This API function retrieves the insurance product type, i.e. Travel Insurance or Schengen Travel Insurance, and then retrieves a list of insurance products, i.e. Standard Cover by Insurer A, Premium Cover by Insurer A and/or Standard Cover by Insurer B, Premium Cover by Insurer B.

Depending on the selected parameters, including payment terms, the policy-issue function issues the customer with the insurance policy.

The customer is presented with a confirmation screen, plus a click-and-pay button.

The underwriting process allows for interactive customer verification, as well as scoring and communication – simple, fast and efficient.

  • Collect Premium/ Payment
  • Register/ Lodge Claim

The Premium and Claims function of the API, has the capability to register and lodge the claim, as well as, automate the claims processing. Choose your premium-collection method from our payment-services options. Our platform processes the collection, splitting and remittance of payment, incl. The collection of recurring payment.

This includes credit-management processes and notifications via email and sms.

For your customers’ convenience we integrate with various payment providers. These can be managed flexibly.

  • Cancel Policy
  • Refund Premium/ Payment
  • Take extra Payment
  • Up-date Contact Info
  • Notify: Email, sms

This API functionality fully covers the policy life cycle and manages its alterations.

For instance, it generates prices for changed parameters of already purchased insurance policies and presents to your customer the quotation for the changes. It then issues the amended policy to the customer, presenting them with a confirmation screen, as well as click-and-pay button. It cancels, refunds and takes extra payment.

It also allows up-dates for customer details.

Manage your customers as and when needed, with the comfort that all compliance requirements are adhered to.

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Briisk Instant Insurance API

Click-and-transact, regulations-compliant, instant insurance API, with...

  • Briisk White Label
  • Briisk e-Commerce API
  • Briisk Mobile App

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