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Briisk Instant Transaction Platform - A Catalyst for Digital Transformation


Briisk Instant Transaction Platform

Many think cloud is just data storage. We see it as a catalyst for transformation. Cloud is a disruptive technology helping companies of all kinds be more agile, efficient and productive. With cloud-based infrastructure, platforms, software and business processes in place, organisations can amplify their abilities and turn their entire operations – from the back office to the customer experience – into insight-fuelled, digitally driven enterprises.

The Briisk Instant Transaction Platform, our core system, uses Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Computing and Data Services. We developed this flexible, easily configurable technology to rapidly map from physical to digital – like a constantly evolving, living system that represents an insurance product’s or financial service’s full life cycle.

Engaging the customer at any touchpoint, Briisk technology is always moving closer to mapping exactly how we live and work.
The key force behind our core technology, entity management - is a type of neural network of any financial-services model and value chain. it represents our unique customer value proposition:



delivery of digital insurance and financial services to customers



24/7/365 cloud platform-as-a- service quality



thinking, simplifying, automating and digitising processes, reducing cost



adaptation of digital business models and technology architecture



Insur-Fintech services and product customisation at the point of sale

Click-and-transact with the Briisk Instant Transaction Platform and Briisk Instant Insurance API. Regulations compliant, these innovative services are connected to multiple insurers and their products in many geographical locations.

We are able to stack the underlying risk products into new, innovative insurance and financial products.

Launch a customised white label, digital interface or individualised e-commerce API, to fit into your check-out workflow, seamlessly. Or go for our mobile apps – convert at any device.

Choose from our innovative applications, including Briisk Instant Insurance API, Briisk Instant FX API and Briisk Instant Credit API.

Customise and assign innovative products in real-time to a point of sale.

The Briisk System Administration and Corporate Interface ensure full configurability.

Harnessing tech’s positive power, enable instant transactions, instant distribution.

Briisk instant transaction

  • Instant Transaction Platform for insurance and financial products: Briisk Instant Transaction Platform
  • Click-and-transact Instant Insurance API: Briisk Instant Insurance API
  • Click-and–transact Instant FX API: Briisk Instant FX API
  • Click-and-transact Instant Credit API: Briisk Instant Credit API

  • No tech required: white label interface

  • No drop-off: REST API marketplace integration

  • Configurable client administration
  • Dynamic digitisation of business models
  • Deep content management

  • Low-touch onboarding
  • Configurable financial-services builder
  • Unified communications
  • Low-touch customer self-service

  • Seamless cash management
  • Data security and up-to-date global standards
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Flexible payment-services integrations
  • Verification and validation integrations
  • Dashboards and reporting


Briisk Custom Configured Client Administrator

  • Log into the system and find your user environment set-up. It has been configured for you.

Briisk Dynamic Digitiser

  • Entity management
  • Value-chain mapping
  • Creation of regulatory framework

Briisk Deep Content Manager

  • Input and manage all content in a CMS, e.g. client CI, financial-service information

Briisk Low-Touch Onboarder

  • Onboarding of customers
  • KYC and FICA management

Briisk Configurable Financial- Services Builder

  • Creation and conf iguration of click- and-transact insurance products and financial-services
  • Selection of financial-services criteria and display engine
  • Regulatory Notification management and scheduling

Briisk Communication Unifier

  • Notifications
    • SMS
    • E-mail
    • Push notifications

Briisk Seamless Cash Manager

  • Billing
  • Cash Management
    • Creation of payment links to credit/ debit , debit order, EFT
  • FX, credit payments
    • Recording of cash payment
    • Premium Collection/ Payment Receipt of debit order , credit/ debit-card payment , EFT Reconciliation of receipt to book entry

Briisk Data Protector

  • System security:
    • Secure user access
    • Encrypted data transmission
  • Global standards: SSL , ISO , GDPR

Briisk Customer Self-Service Manager

  • Creating the user prof ile : username and password
  • Amendment of personal details
  • Amendment of f inancial-services parameters
  • Uploading new documents

Briisk Flexible Partner Integrator

  • Financial-services providers: Major banks , insurers’ and credit providers’ core systems
  • Payment-services providers
  • Data-providers: Yodlee , pbVerify , KYC
  • Communication-providers: POS-systems

Briisk Analytical Reporter

  • Real-time management dashboards and analytics
  • Real-time transaction data
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Custom reports

Briisk Custom Configured Client Administrator

Log into the system and find your user environment set-up. It has been configured for you.

Briisk Dynamic Digitiser

Digitises your business model: From data capturing all participating entities and uploading all relevant documents, to the description of all relationships.

Briisk Deep Content Manager

Ensures that all your content, e.g. logo, CI, financial-product information and prices, are available at all times in all relevant workflows and interfaces.

Briisk Low-Touch Onboarder

Gives you access to the automated, zero/low-touch onboarding of customers, products, deals and other forms of financial transactions and workflows.

Briisk Configurable Financial- Services Builder

Creates your digital insurance product and/or financial service, from content to pricing.

Depending on criteria, this tool selects an insurance product and/or financial service and displays it for purchase.

We take care of the entire financial- services life cycle, communicating with your customers at all touchpoints, while you enjoy full oversight and control. You manage your customers as and when needed, with the peace of mind that all compliance requirements are adhered to.

Briisk Communication Unifier

Unifies all communications in a seamless customer journey across the omni-channel.

Briisk Seamless Cash Manager

Gives you choice of payment/ premium collection-service options. Our platform, not only provides the billing and cash management, but also processes the collection, splitting and remittance of payments and includes credit management and notifications.

Briisk Data Protector

Makes sure you adhere to all relevant global standards and implements state- of-the-art security system

Briisk Customer Self-Service Manager

Your customer creates and maintains their user profile, amends personal details and adds new digital insurance products and financial services and uploads new documents at any time. This streamlines the customer experience and reduces administration cost for you.

Briisk Flexible Partner Integrator

Enables the quick integration into the complexities of the financial- services industry while complying with all regulations. From connecting to banks, major insurers, payment and data service providers, we also verify and validate customer data.

This tool allows you to integrate with various payment-services providers and you have access to all options of payment and premium collection.

Even innovative options, such as payment/ generation of revenue via ad views is supported.

Briisk Analytical Reporter

Obtains live information for all decision- making with Briisk’s management and transaction reporting. Guaranteed, all your regulatory reporting is covered.