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Digitising your products and workflows, incl. quote & buy, collections, policy administration and claims will reduce administration cost by up to 70%.


‘More than half of insurance CEOs are extremely concerned about the pace of change amid disruption from insurtech and digital-platform players. Insurers need to become digitally enabled, customer-focused organisations with seamless, end-to-end business models. These must run from advice and origination, all the way to claims, and combine the best of humans and machines in a “bionic” organisation.’ - Adapted from the PWC CEO Survey 2018 — Insurance

Amazon and Uber have disrupted the world with instant-access, individual-user power. Digital consumers – especially Millennials and Generation Z – demand 24/7 product availability at the point of sale on any device. Piercing these disruptive channels is essential to capture the digital expectations of consumers who want customised, value-added offerings. Sporadic service calls from the insurance agent are no longer going to satisfy customer expectations.

If you’re an insurer, are these some of your challenges?


Are you hampered by expensive and cumbersome legacy IT core systems, as well as costly manual processes?


Do these legacy systems struggle to integrate with modern distribution channels?


Are you supporting costly brick and mortar distribution channels?


Do you have sophisticated digital systems, but have limited access to new online and mobile-distribution opportunities?


Are you strangled by high costs of product development and slow speed to market? Is the risk of product failure high?


Are you limited in geographic reach?

Fast-track digitisation with Briisk.

Using instant, continuous, lean, deep and dynamic tech and services, Briisk digitises your business model and solves the challenge of disruption.

With Briisk, you …

  1. Automate processes across the value chain, create efficiencies and speed, and cut through cost/risk structures – reduce overheads and increase your ROI on lead generation, procurement, claims and claims administration, policy administration and product management. Digitisation cuts administration costs, as well as an inefficient workforce and manual paper processes. Cut life-insurance costs by 15-20%, and non-life insurance costs by 20-30%.
  2. Break free from legacy. Tap into a fully hosted tech solution with API integration. Assimilate easily into modern tech platforms, points of presence.
  3. Speed up your innovation cycle and reduce product time-to-market. Develop and test innovative, digital insurance products for different target and affinity groups, fast and efficiently, in real-time. Instantly customise at your point of sale through Briisk’s ability to stack underlying risk products into innovative insurance products.
  4. Scale your business, strengthen your product portfolio and increase your market share and underwriting profits, by adding viable alternative insurance products.
  5. Take advantage of Briisk’s access to insurance partners in multiple geographical locations.
  6. Instantly capture the online mass-market customer base, meeting the digital customer expectation.

Insurance: The Global Digital Distribution Opportunity

Briisk Instant Transaction Platform —
Tying Together the Insurance Ecosystem

Access the digital marketplace, instantly. Cut administration cost. Speed up innovation.
With Briisk, you…


Get instant access to digital insurance products


Get instant access to digital distribution channels


Get streamlined, tailor-made customer management


Get seamless solutions for the AI age


Your customers will love

Digital insurance, instantly. Digital marketplace, instantly.
Briisk Insur-Fintech. Instant Results.

Do all this, by using Briisk's Services…

Briisk Instant Transaction Platform Services

Briisk Low-Touch user inTerface creaTor

Briisk System Admin

Briisk Corporate Interface

Briisk White Label

Briisk e-Commerce API

Briisk Mobile App


Briisk Instant Insurance API

Click-and-transact, regulations-compliant, instant insurance API, with...

  • Briisk White Label
  • Briisk e-Commerce API
  • Briisk Mobile App

Briisk Instant Credit API

Click-and-transact instant credit API. Instant transactions.

Briisk Instant FX API

Click-and-transact instant FX API. Instant transactions.

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